To every one to work from now on together

Our company puts the emphasis on " human power ". No matter how big a company is, no matter how big a project is, without " human power " it can't be done. Nowadays AI and others have developed, while the improvement of IT technology is more important than human power, construction, the interior business is a business that can not be done without this "person's power", we place great emphasis on "human power". Also now in Japan, this "person's power" is not enough. On the other hand, Vietnam is not completely despite the abundance of "human power".What we call "human power" is not a worker, but overcomes various failures, cultivates knowledge and experience, has high consciousness (working not only for yourself, but also for family, region, country) and a desire (feeling of want to grow up). Now you do not have to have these already. Ourselves is incomplete too.We want to improve this "human power".You, who can sympathize with our way of thinking, Let 's work together. We will wait for your connection.


Benefits and opportunities for you

  • Training system in Japan, Japanese language education system, transferred to Japan
  • Social insurance etc. ,various welfare benefits
  • Raise payment system with internal travel
  • There are various allowances such as commuting allowance, meal allowance, mobile allowance